What to say?  I blush easily.  I hate crowds but love new places and new beginnings.


I was born in Warwickshire, lived and worked in a number of cities in Europe--London, Brighton, Vienna, Munich, Athens--before finding a home in Los Angeles, California where I married and gave birth to two sons.  I'm presently back in Warwickshire, in Stratford-upon-Avon, William Shakespeare's old 'hood, twenty miles from where I was born.


They're obviously very different, LA and Stratford, but I consider both of these places "home."


Most of my working life has involved writing in one form or another--journalism, PR, one short and disastrous adventure in advertising--but I love writing fiction most of all.  I can make things up! I write contemporary fiction that doesn't fit into any particular genre though  many of the journals that have published my short stories describe themselves as "literary."  I like psychological tension, damaged characters. And finally - resolution.


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The UnOfficial Bio

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